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Adelaide Born, Brooklyn Based

Leading direct-to-consumer growth since 2013.

Chanelle Leslie




Best of K-Beauty Awards campaign

I partnered with a programmatic agency to bring awareness to Soko Glam’s fifth annual Best of K-Beauty Awards. By using lookalike campaigns and retargeting across Facebook and Instagram, we were able to reach more than a million people for our biggest campaign ever.

July 2018: Senior manager of acquisition marketing, soko glam

I’ve moved to Brooklyn, and I’m managing affiliate, paid media, SEO & web development projects for Soko Glam, a mid-sized beauty retailer specialising in ecommerce.

The growth you delivered at Overtone was amazing, truly one of the best examples of DTC brand building done right. 👏
— Matt Goodman, Co-founder at Okendo

JUNE 2018: Director of marketing, oVertone

I'm featured in Journey Payroll for my work nurturing culture at oVertone: "As marketing director for oVertone Haircare, Chanelle Leslie built her department from the ground up, increasing its size fourfold over eighteen months."  Read the whole article here.

You built, created, nurtured and grew this absolutely incredible department that achieves goals that would be completely unreachable to mere mortals...The world knows who we are now thanks to the hard work you’ve done here.
— Liora Dudar, Co-founder at oVertone Haircare

May 2018: Director of marketing, oVertone

oVertone's Denver office, which now comprises of my marketing department of 7, plus three engineers, nominate the office as one of Denver's Best Places to Work. An independent organisation interviews every staff member, and in June we place fourth in the small business category.


Email Journey Building


After migrating from Kissmetrics to Klaviyo, I set out to improve automation so that the client gets exactly the content they need for the stage of the funnel they're in. Rather than blasting clients with irrelevant content for the sake of content, I send them on individual journeys that press the triggers they need to purchase based on their behaviour.


Year over year, the conversion rate from email campaigns increased 7% and average order value increased 3% (despite scaling the email list significantly). Total revenue from email increased 244%.


April 2018: Director of marketing, oVertone

Monthly revenue is now four times what it was when I joined oVertone. 

February 2018: Director of marketing, oVertone

Because our Instagram following has doubled in about a year, I'm featured in an interview with Planoly for my social media strategy at oVertone. Read more here.



June 2017: Director of marketing, oVertone

Monthly revenue is double what it was when I joined, with the growth driven by an acquisition campaign I ran on social media. Ka-ching!


Social Media Campaign


Previous ad campaigns have been poorly tracked or tested, and were met with limited success. My job is to conceive compelling content, project manage its production, then test and track it across paid and organic channels.


After 16 months, monthly revenue from social channels increased 2161%, making it the driver of the explosive growth of oVertone's brand awareness.


January 2017: Director of marketing, oVertone

I joined the team at oVertone Haircare as one of their first full-time hires, the Director of Marketing. I began with a department of myself and one content creator...turns out, it wouldn't be that way for long.



June 2016: SEO & Acquisition specialist, f+w

I become BrightEdge Certified, demonstrating my competency in both SEO and the best tools in the SEO business.

January 2016: SEO & Acquisition Specialist, f+w

I spend most of the year developing rapid converting landing pages designed to convert new visitors fast.

Then, I develop a social media strategy and train internal teams. Here's what management had to say about one portion of my social media strategy: "Chanelle developed a Pinterest training document that not only presented best practices but relevant examples that helped put things into perspective. This was such a strong presentation that it became the foundation for the social media team’s standard training package for this platform."



Chanelle shows time and time again her ability to think outside the box...she has a wealth of information and proven strategies that can be tapped into.
— Tiffany Warble, Director of Online Content at f+w

December 2016: SEO & Acquisition Specialist, f+w

My supervisor nominates me for the company's global innovation awards thanks to my digital strategy that was rolled out across our most valuable ecommerce and content sites. I place as a top-five finalist!



September 2014: SEO & Acquisition Specialist, f+w

I'm back in the ecommerce game! I join f+w, a content + ecommerce company (formerly known as f+w media), as SEO & Acquisition Specialist.

Chanelle is a joy to work with. Her glass is half full and she keeps smiling under pressure. A consummate professional, Chanelle over-delivered on every special project given to her. ...I hope to work with Chanelle for a long time and congratulate any who are fortunate enough to have the opportunity.
— Jeff Tappeiner, Sales at Key Media
She is incredibly versatile... Any organization looking to incorporate fresh, new ideas ... would be lucky to have her.
— Jill Gregorie, Senior Writer at Key Media

April 2014: Content Marketer, Key Media

After rolling out my digital strategy, the numbers are in:

- Page views increased 20%
- Unsubscribe rates halved
- Average unique email open rates grew 52%
- Average unique email click-through rates grew 68%
- Unique site users grew 248%
- Twitter followers grew 270%



December 2013: Content Marketer, Key Media

Key Media launches a new content publishing site, and I'm in charge of content marketing execution. After taking the initiative to create a content strategy and troubleshoot a challenging launch, I'm tasked with leading digital strategy for the entire US arm of the company. 

October 2013: freelance content creation

I move from Adelaide, Australia, to Denver, Colorado.

May 2013: Content Producer, Kwasi Studios

I make the leap into marketing, beginning with a temporary role at digital marketing agency Kwasi Studios as a content producer. I got to lead strategy and production for about half a dozen clients, most of them direct-to-consumer.


Awarded Best Overall Photographer and Best in Arts & Culture

2013 Do Something Near You Awards

February 2013: Photojournalist, Fairfax Media

The South Australian Country Press Awards names me a finalist for Best News Photo thanks to a front-page piece I shot for the Murray Valley Standard.



February 2012: Photojournalist, Fairfax Media

My work is acknowledged in a federal government paper for its role in enhancing social and ethnic cohesion in the community following an exclusive scoop on racism against Ngarrindjeri Australians.

The Murray Valley Standard, the newspaper where I shoot and report, is named Best Regional Newspaper for the 10th year in a row by the South Australian Country Press.



December 2011: Photojournalist, Fairfax Media

Straight. Outta. College. I completed my Bachelor's degree in Journalism from the University of South Australia. 

October 2011: Photojournalist, Fairfax Media

After freelancing and blogging enough to make a name for myself in the industry, I begin my first full-time job as a photojournalist at Fairfax Media. I create copy and images for print, web, social media and advertising partners.

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