$250 per hour

This includes engagement sessions, senior portraits, music publicity shots, etc.

You'll receive the results of an hour's photo session in digital format with full print release. 


$2000 per full day

You'll receive photos in digital format with full print release. This price includes unlimited hours of coverage, and travel fees within Colorado are waived when you book a full day. Clients who book weddings will also receive heavily discounted engagement shoots at $100. Second photographers are available at an additional $50/hour. If you would like an a la carte package of just a few hours instead of a full day, my standard hourly rate applies. 



Sorry! Because commercial shoots are highly variable, I really do need to know a bit about the nature of the shoot to give you an estimate. Let me know your budget and we can work from there.


Can we work out something that fits our budget better?

Yes - for instance we could reduce the amount of time covered in a package to lower the cost. Get in touch with me, let me know your financial constraints and your vision, and I'm confident I can make things work for the right client.

What do the fees cover?

Apart from the gear and my time itself, my rates should put you at ease because they include:

- Insurance. When you hire me, you know that you have a professional who will turn up and be ready to shoot even if my camera has been stolen the day before, or if my best lens got sucked into a tornado. (You're also plugging yourself into my network of professional contacts, who are ready and able to step in lest the worst happen.)

- Post-production. Poor taste in post-production can ruin a perfectly good image, and you've probably seen that happen too many times. There are large, popular wedding photography companies out there that pay their photo editors to edit hundreds of photos in one hour for a flat rate of $60! You can imagine the results aren't pretty. When you hire me, you can expect my editing to be similar to the quality of those you see in my portfolio.

- Print release. You can print as many copies of my images as you want, and publish them wherever you want for non-commercial purposes. Many photographers will charge you extra, as they make more money when you order prints through them.

Taxes. I'm from Australia, where the price listed is the price you pay. I'm passing that cultural nuance on to you :) 

Are there any extra fees?

Nothing more than is mentioned in your contract. There will be no nasty surprises with me! There are a few things that may cost extra if you choose to add them to your package:

- If you would like a second shooter, I can bring my assistant to your event. This will cost $50 per hour. I highly recommend a second shooter when the groomsmen and bridesmaids are getting ready in locations that are too far away for one person to catch them both in time, for instance. They are also wonderful for weddings that have large bridal parties or many formal photos.

- If travel outside of Denver is required, we can work out an arrangement so that my costs to get to your event are covered. I charge mileage when the event is more than 25 miles' driving distance outside of Denver. If you would like me to fly to your event, we can find the most appropriate flights and work from there.

- If you would like to hire a studio, there will be an extra cost that is determined by the studio of your choosing.