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6 years in publishing, analytics, social media & copywriting
3 years in SEO, email marketing, ux & acquisition strategy
2 years in ecommerce, ppc & budget management

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Notable Achievements Image Optimisation Strategy | f+w media, 2016

"After recognizing untapped potential in Pinterest, Chanelle worked to update imagery to be more appealing on that platform. For example, after updating the painting flowers RCLP, she got more visits from Pinterest to the page in 30 days, than it had gotten in the entire year before, while one of her other updated pages saw a 314% increase. Chanelle also developed a Pinterest training document that not only presented best practices but relevant examples that helped put things into perspective. This was such a strong presentation that became the foundation for the social media team’s standard training package for this platform. These are just a few examples of Chanelle’s strong attention to detail and ability to think outside the box." - Management feedback on this project

An example of a promotional image I made to prove results, persuade executive officers, and train employees.


Small, lacklustre images are holding back our social media performance and landing page conversion on a keystone site that receives more than a million unique visitors a year.


Create templates for various purposes that will make it easy for editors to make more engaging images. Place at least one optimised image on every email acquisition landing page. Plant the optimised images on Pinterest.


Pinterest referrals were up 67% for Q3 2016 compared with 2015. Dedicated landing page conversion rate increased from 1.4% to 4%, quadrupling the number of new emails captured in 2016 up to 1,393 in Q3 alone. (The average new customer email is worth about US$10 to us in lifetime value.)

The executive officers were so impressed by the results of this strategy that they rolled out my standards for the entire company. Every piece of content created is now required to adhere to the standards I set. Youtube Strategy | f+w media, 2015

"Chanelle's YouTube end card strategy will help to tap into an area of our company that’s had minimal focus but shows great potential." - Management feedback on this project


Low referrals and conversion from Youtube are negating the effort we put into the video content we're churning out every day and lowering editorial morale. I need to transform an aging behemoth of a content strategy to become agile and nimble on a platform that's constantly changing - without alienating our demographic.


Every video we create should have at least one call to action, and ideally one CTA for each type of viewer: the instructor's loyalist, the newbie, and the active buyer. Videos should not merely have rote links, descriptions and titles - they should be well-thought out and entice the viewer to make a purchase. Content creators should be trained to use UTM tracking codes so that I can monitor success accurately. 


Awarded as a finalist for Best Customer-facing Innovation in the company's annual innovation contest. Comparing September 2016 with September 2014, Youtube referrals increased 5060% and revenue increased 999%. Youtube went from being our least successful platform to our third best after Facebook and Pinterest. The strategy performed so well that it is currently being rolled out to all other f+w brands that are on Youtube.


New Site Launch & Troubleshooting | Key Media, 2014


A recently launched digital magazine in the B2B arena was failing to achieve momentum. As the only content creator at the company with content strategy experience, I was asked lead the effort in troubleshooting the issues and developing an audience for the niche publication.


The company's split testing and analytics were being conducted inconsistently. Click-throughs and conversions were low because there were no landing pages and headlines needed to be better thought out. Emails needed better buttons and subject lines. Syndicated content was boring the local market. Evergreen content should have embedded email acquisition forms.


After one week of my digital strategy's partial implementation, results included:
- Pageviews increased 20%

After five weeks:
- Unsubscribe rates halved
- Average unique email open rates jumped 52%
- Average unique email click-through rates jumped 68%
- Unique site users jumped 248%

After two months:
- Average weekly on-site comments more than doubled
- Twitter followers grew 270%

After six months, I had established a strong enough reputation as a journalist in the local HR industry that I was invited to speak at a conference with about 300 HR professionals in attendance.

Chanelle shows time and time again her ability to think outside the box...she has a wealth of information and proven strategies that can be tapped into.
— Management Feedback at f+w media in 2016
She is incredibly versatile... Any organization looking to incorporate fresh, new ideas ... would be lucky to have her.
— Jill Gregorie, Senior Writer at Key Media in 2014
Chanelle is a joy to work with. Her glass is half full and she keeps smiling under pressure. A consummate professional, Chanelle over-delivered on every special project given to her. ...I hope to work with Chanelle for a long time and congratulate any who are fortunate enough to have the opportunity.
— Jeff Tappeiner, Sales at Key Media in 2014
[Chanelle] always has time to lend a helping hand to those around her.
— Kate Langley, Chanelle's intern at Fairfax Media in 2013

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