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1. Jonty wears Witchery cardigan, Ralph Lauren shirt,

Furious Kingston corduroy trousers

, Cotton On Kids shoes

2. Liam wears vintage neckerchief

3, 4. L wears

Furious Kingston fedora hat

, vintage shirt and jumper, Zara jeans

5. J wears

Furious Kingston hat



, vintage shirt and pocket square

6. L wears vintage neckerchief, Zara chinos

Jonty and Liam require nothing less than the best when it comes to what they wear. (Or, if they had it their way, everything.) Jonty, 9, needs people to take him seriously as a newspaper editor, motivational speaker and radio host, and can't be seen in just anything.

At 6, Liam is a little less discerning, but he nevertheless has his business to go about, and the king of the playground deserves only the best.

Quality kids clothing is difficult to come by in Australia, so I tend to save my sartorial gifts for when I travel, stocking up on Zara and Ralph Lauren. But Furious Kingston, a little boys' label out of Melbourne, sent me an adorable package of boys' clothing and I couldn't help but put together a sweet little editorial, styled by my brothers themselves.

Don't you think they did a good job? The only thing I added was the pocket square and the neckerchief!

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