Vintage leather anorak - Mango lace blouse - The Shoes Collection

Wearing vintage leather anorak, skirt and belt, Mango ruffle lace blouse and boots from The Shoes Collection

Tom and I found this place on one of our random drives. We like driving around to no where. It's fun! I've also had this sudden itch to wear more blouses. Vintage blouses to be exact. Ones with nice ruffles or puffy sleeves and preferably in nice earthy or warm tones.  I saw the most beautiful warm pink blouse at the Red Cross vintage store on Rundle street. I would have gotten it right away if not for the price I saw on the tag.

I was just saying to a friend the other day that being stylish would be a lot easier if money wasn't an issue. I know there are such things as op shops, but still, how often do you actually come across something that fits perfectly and that actually blows your mind. Most of the stuff I get from op shops have to be reconstructed or altered. Some of you might disagree or agree with me. But please let me know what you think because I hope I'm not the only odd one here! Haha.

xx, Amanda