Photography with a scanner

Taken on the office scanner
Scanner as camera?
Jewellery shot

Rimmel nail polish in 'Hypnotise'  | Zara Martin for Made ring stack | Left of Right starfish ring (gift) | Bracelets from ebay | Sportgirl ear cuff and earring | Bourjois eye shadow  (gift)

Life can be quite unnerving for a photographer without a camera. Since my beloved Canon 5D Mark II was stolen, I've been waiting on a new one to arrive from overseas, but in the mean time, the only way to scratch the itch has been to exercise patience with the sluggish process of developing chemicals as they work their magic on my sheets of film. I had to innovate. As I was thinking about this, the printer made that damn noise it does without prompting, like it was sitting there scratching its balls doing nothing in particular. It might as well have screamed eureka. The printer scans! I'll scan my jewellery! And that's why I scanned my face for you guys. I was so pleased with the results I may just have to try it again some time.