An Unpredictable Revolution by Mimco - 2010 jewellery

Unpredictable by its creativity and revolutionary in its style, Mimco's Season 2 2010 collection is not one to disappoint. When they emailed to ask us to showcase a piece from their range and interpret their collection to our wonderful readers, we fell so in love with the range that we couldn't say no. Channelling the tortured elegance of a princess, Coco took to her lens and Amanda to her plumate lashes to capture the romance of an era past.

Every piece in the collection is just as gorgeous as this Spider Tangle Necklace - just have a look at the video at the bottom of this post and you'll see why. (It has Emma Balfour in it; as if the accessories weren't reason enough!) You can shop the collection

online at Mimco


Photography by Chanelle Leslie

Make Up by Amanda Lim

Styling by Amanda & Chanelle