Lauren Nevada sheer top | Amy J Metals cuff

I think eyebrows are my favourite facial feature because of their egalitarian nature. Unlike the cheekbones, which all the contouring in a Kardashian episode cannot drastically change, or the lips, to which many a girl confesses to boosting with horrid injections, the eyebrow puts almost everyone on the same playing field. Here, with the stroke of a pencil and a swipe of gel, we can choose our own adventure, no matter what fate has bestowed upon our features.

And my friend Krystabell has chosen a very lovely brow adventure indeed. They're quite a set on her - although of course, she's blessed everywhere else too. I played with a few images from a leisurely stroll the other day - find some more on her blog. Clothing courtesy of Goldyn (probably Denver's best boutique).

lauren nevada sheer top
goldyn denver clothes