Jess Tran - Jasmin Howell - Ben McPherson - Margaret Zhang - Maggie Cameron - Chloe Sargeant

Jess Tran
Portrait: Jasmin Howell

Jess Tran

 surprises me more every time I talk to her. |

Jasmin Howell

is a gregarious doll who could put anyone at ease.

Portrait: Margaret Zhang
Maggie at Finesse

Margaret Zhang

 is a picture of drive and talent, but most importantly, friendship. | Maggie Cameron has bravery in her.

Portrait: Ben McPherson
Portrait: Chloë Sargeant

Ben McPherson

takes photographs that find the loneliness that lurks in everyone. |

Chloe Sargeant

 is a young model with an old soul.

I'm always taking photos of my friends, so I might as well share some of the fashion-focused images with you. Their skin could be spotted with measles, and they might smell their worst, and I'd still think they were the most gorgeous things to grace this earth. That's the problem with me, I just think all my friends are more attractive than they probably are. It's like being drunk all the time, drunk with affection. 

These people are beautiful to me. If you're lucky enough to get the chance, get to know them. I think you'll find them beautiful too.