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Q&A with If You're a Bird boutique's Lanie Evans

Adelaide's newest boutique, If You're a Bird, sits quietly down the road from Bar 9 in Glen Osmond Road's boutique precinct between Greenhill and Fullarton Roads. If you're on the hunt for local up-and-comers like Ashlee Graham, Casper & Pearl, or See & Ell, you'll find them here alongside small, affordable interstate labels such as Lioness and Madison Square. Its 25-year-old owner, Lanie Evans, went out on a limb to follow her dreams, and I had a quick chat with her at the opening night of her store.

Lanie Evans at the opening night of If You're a Bird.

Lanie Evans at the opening night of If You're a Bird.

How long have you had the idea to start If You're a Bird? 

Two months.  It was a really fast turnaround. I've always worked in retail and I went and tried other stuff for a while; I tried working in an office and I didn't really like it. So I was just talking to my dad one day and he said why don't you start your own. so we sat down and went through it and that's how it evolved.

What made you choose Glen Osmond Rd? 

It's up and coming but it suits me. The buildings are old and a bit crumbling but it's quirky along here. Every single building is different and so are the shops inside

What does the future hold for If You're a Bird? 

The long term goal would be eventually to open the same store interstate but keep the same Adelaide brands. So taking Adelaide everywhere else and showing it off. There are some amazing designers who need to be shown off. 

Who's your favourite South Australian designer? 

I'm loving See & Ell. I love the really bright prints. And that's what I love about Ashlee Graham the label as well because they're still really bold but really feminine and they're easy to wear.  

What's your biggest challenge been? 

The actual store itself was really hard. There was carpet on the floor so we ripped it up and we had to redo all the floorboards. It was disgusting old concrete. The building itself has literally been the biggest obstacle.


Local label See & Ell by Libby Spring and Celia Fraser

Local label See & Ell by Libby Spring and Celia Fraser

Bomber jackets by Lioness

Bomber jackets by Lioness

Shipping - 728 x 90