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Sportsgirl bowler hat | Diva necklace | H&M sheer shirt |

Jeans courtesy of Hurley

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The last time I wore something Hurley, I bought it years ago from Jetty Surf.* While I may be well past that terrible stage in my life, I'm still partial to the brands I followed as a teenager, and it's always interesting to see what directions the more established brands are taking. (Except you, Emily the Strange. You are only acceptable for people without eyes. Or souls.)

It wasn't long ago that Hurley let me know about their new denim range, and I'm not disappointed. The denim feels on par with any of my $300 designer jeans, and its wash is perfect. Shame on me for not having stilts for legs though...I'll need to get it hemmed. They're definitely the longest jeans I've ever worn - all you babin' tall girls, you know where to go!

(Oh, and Rimmel sent me a bunch of makeup which I've been wearing nonstop! Finally, I've found the One. The perfect red lipstick. Rimmel Moisture Renew in Rose Passion. Get on it. I've also migrated to camp Rimmel after years of using OPI...Rimmel's brushes and endurance, not to mention price tags, kick arse.)

Loving this shirt




*Shock of all shocks, yes, I did go through a particularly cringe-worthy skater/surfer stage...I was 13, put those judging eyes away!

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