Helmut Lang leather leggings - Elliatt cape

Eight months of only shopping for essentials - and clearing out 90% of one's wardrobe - allows the clarity of mind to consider what you really need. And when I was ready to whip out my debit card again in January, one wishlist item had been separated from the sartorial chaff: leather trousers. A marked evolution of my style accompanied by my move to chilly Colorado called for nothing but leather. (And a pillowy down coat, but that's a subject for another time.)

And as fate would have it, my eyes fell upon these Helmut Lang embossed leather classics, for nothing less than 80% off at a Saks clearance. Some things are meant to be, I suppose.

Meanwhile, other things are temporary indulgences, like my jet-black head of hair. The brilliant* Liz of Goldie & Bob is helping me experiment with my dark side while I wait for my damaged lengths to grow strong enough to plunge back into a bucket of bleach. Slowy, slowy. Until then I'll have to explain my scalp's entire history with chemicals to every bouncer when they check my old ID card. It's a hairy situation in more ways than one.

Chanelle x

*Looking for a hairdresser in Colorado? Highly recommend. She gets it.

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