Dolce Vita for Target studded oxford shoes - H&M leather shorts

Vintage polka dot shirt | H&M leather shorts | Vintage watch | Dolce Vita for Target shoes

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What do I say when I have too much to say? I'm a writer. This should be easy for me. But it isn't, because I have more enthusiasm in me than anybody could possibly handle. Bullet points? I disdain them. They're shoddy.

But I do want to tell you somehow about my life in Fort Collins. I wish I could relay the delight of finding the $10 leather shorts I bought from H&M in San Francisco, and the wonderful Dolce Vita for Target collection, and the beauty of the CSU campus (below), and my favourite two film photographs of San Francisco (bottom two). I wish I could explain what makes the Greek life so unique, and how elated I was when Kappa Kappa Gamma asked me to join their sorority.

To attempt to describe my experience in Colorado so far would be like trying to show you the glory of the Mona Lisa by sketching on a napkin. 

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