Levi's denim shorts - DIY denim cut-offs - Tony Bianco clogs

Wearing vintage floral top, vintage Levi's cut-off shorts, vintage belt, Witchery sunnies, Bluebird bag and Tony Bianco clogs.

  • I will be in Melbourne in 4 days! Shopping and late night hangouts here I come!
  • Bought two pairs of shoes from Zu today. Loving, loving them. The boyfriend has just banned me from buying anymore.

  • So I heard from Annie of Fruitcake You that Smith Street has good op shops. Anyone else know of any vintage stores in the Melbourne CBD?

  • Food food food! There is this awesome Thai restaurant on Lygon that I love! I think it's called Ying Thai 2? It's right next to that Malaysian restaurant? Or that ice-cream place Fredos (great ice-cream! Try the durian one)? You Melbournians who know about this place can correct me if I'm wrong. They have this deep fried fish skin thingy that I always get when I'm there (which is once a year). I know it sounds gross but it's actually really very tasty. They cook it with nice sweet chilli sauce and some other stuff. Very, very yum.
Jeans - 728 x 90