Breo de Janeiro headphones review - Headphones under $100

It's 8pm on New Year's Day 2011, and New York City is dark. Not the unsettling, moody kind of darkness. Just dark. Operations at John F Kennedy airport are running sluggishly as usual, and it takes nearly as long to wait for my luggage to come as it does to fly from Denver to Gotham. I'm not complaining, though, since I've already been delayed five days by the snowstorms. I'm overwhelmed that I actually made it, even though I did miss seeing the ball drop on New Year's Eve. All the hostels are booked out, and I don't know where I'm going to sleep that night, but I call a sorority sister and hope for the best. Soon enough, I find myself on the L train towards Brooklyn and silently admire myself for being so goddamn cool. And that's when I reach into my pocket and realise that somewhere between Denver and Manhattan, I lost my favourite earphones. Bugger. I'm only moderately cool.

Since that night, I've been through three different pairs of headphones and hated them all. Philips, too treble-y. Nokia, too soft. Skullcandy Lowriders, made me look like a stupid scene kid, sounded bloody terrible, and broke within a month. Clearly I treasure my musical experience far too highly for someone who can't afford to pay more than $100.

But these, these Breo De Janeiro headphones, which were sent to me to review, are keepers. They tick every box. Loud enough to blast over the god-awful music at Fitness First (whoever programmes the music there doesn't deserve to have ears) without blowing the speakers. Comfortable enough to wear for hours. Strong enough so that I'm not worried about keeping it in my handbag throughout the day. (My Skullcandy pair was so cheaply made that it broke when I was pulling it over my head!) Clear enough so that I can listen to everything from classical to podcasts to Crystal Castles with consistently enjoyable sound. And - here's the clincher -

at $80, it's affordable enough

for even the most HECS-drowned uni student.

Dion Lee for Cue
Dion Lee for Cue
Dion Lee for Cue

Breo De Janeiro headphones in white

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And since I have a gift of turning every conservation I have into me imposing my music taste on other people, here are a few recommendations. When it comes to music, I'm a proselytiser.

Have you ever used

Breo headphones

? What do you think? AND, do you have any music recs for me?