NYFW 2012 - New York streetwear

NYFW outfit
Wish jacket style

Vintage coat, vintage Lanvin dress, Sportsgirl shoes, hair needs a brush | Wish jacket, Dion Lee for Cue leather top, vintage belt and jeans, Maurie & Eve shoes

Lincoln Center
Asos cape
Madison Square Park triangle building

Asos cape, Zara neoprene top, Gail Sorronda for Target skirt, H&M tights, Maurie & Eve Phoenix wedges

Central Park dog

Photos of me by

Margaret Zhang

It feels good to have NYFW under my belt.

Click through for my final blog for Pocketto Magazine


On another note, I've been meaning to show you photos of these Maurie & Eve wedges forever. They were sent to me by Free People and they are absolutely humungous, probably the tallest shoes I own. I find myself wearing them all the time, though, despite the fact that I crashed my car because I couldn't feel the brake when I was wearing them. (Nobody told me I wasn't supposed to wear heels while driving, GEEZ!)

And the other thing I'll be showing you more of is the unique Wish jacket they sent me, plus a giveaway because I know you all love a bit of free goodies. Stay choooooned. Or have a life, I don't mind if you do that either.

Love from Par-ee,