Watermarking blog images - Should I watermark my photos?

It's been a couple of years since I've started blogging, and since then I've found my images everywhere from porn sites (I'm as confused as you are) to random people's Facebook profile pictures. The staggering popularity of Tumblr and We Heart It has spread my images to the ends of the earth, but those sites do more damage to photographers than good because of their lax policies on breaches of copyright. People advised me to get a watermark, but I ummed and ahhed for months. Style over practicality, I thought. (Because the truth is that most watermarks look terrible and detract hugely from the image.)

But I finally got myself sorted and made one. It's far from perfect, but at least it isn't fugly.

Do you watermark your images? What's stopping you?

Steve Madden clogs (for sale)

Steve Madden clogs (for sale)

Chanelle x