Alushia Sanchia and Alkemie jewellery

Alushia Sanchia lookbook images courtesy of The Wonderland PR, via Confident Liar

Alkemie cuffs - all fair trade and made from 100% reclaimed metals.

I've recently spotted a couple of fresh jewellery designers to keep an eye on. You will love. For endless jewellery porn check out my friend Alicia's shop Alegorie. If everyone just had a few of those pieces, the world would be a happy place.

I have this problem where I instantly buy any piece of jewellery with an owl, key or fleur-de-lis on it. There isn't even a question about it. Oh hey, it's a $300 anklet with a drunk-looking owl on the end! Of course I'll have that! What, Valleygirl has a faux Tiffany's key necklace that won't do up? Brilliant, I'll take that too! I think this can be commonly diagnosed as a Kappa problem.

Do you find yourself addicted to buying certain motifs? (Sorority girls, I'm looking at you.)